It’s so easy to use, fast and convenient. Try our new, online website which contains our entire takeaway menu. Thrums Takeaway is in Shielhill Road, Northmuir, Kirriemuir , DD8 4PN.You can now Order Online, all your favourite dishes. we offering you a delicious variety of Delicious Pizza takeaway, Burgers, Wraps, Kebab , and have them delivered straight to your door in no time. Here at Thrums Takeaway, we are constantly striving to improve our service and quality in online takeaway ordering to give our customers the very best experience. We hope you enjoy our online ordering website and our takeaway delicious food.


2 PIZZA & BAG OF CHIPS @£10.99

Available Only On Monday & Tuesday





About Thrums Takeaway

You can now relax at home and order your favourite, freshly prepared Pizza or Delicious Iskender Kebab from Thrums Takeaway Kirriemuir. You can even pay online! Thrums Takeaway will always be offering great food at affordable prices and we are the best fish and chips takeaway in Kirriemuir.

Please feel free to browse our new website and place your order online.Thank you for visiting Thrums Takeaway. Don’t forget to let us know if you enjoyed your meal by leaving your feedback

Thrums Takeaway

“Usually fantastic. Tonight our pizza was a little cooler than normal 🌈😀”

Gail Barclay, 17/09/2021

“Food was lovely but kids drinks were missing ????????”

Gail Barclay, 15/05/2021

“Excellent service. Food so good”

Elaine Harris, 07/05/2021

“Really tasty and good for money. I asked for no sweet corn but it was still on the pizza ”

Rebecca Howie, 20/04/2021

“Excellent food”

Elaine Harris, 18/04/2021

“Good food, good price and lovely service. My favourite guilty pleasure!”

Lauren Lampen, 16/04/2021

“Absolutely fantastic, we have just moved it arrived quickly, the garlic pizza was the best part of the munchy box. ”

Kelly Barber, 26/03/2021

“Delicious always so good ”

Andrena Paul, 05/02/2021

“Fast, reliable, delicious:)”

Paul Mitchell, 14/01/2021

“Always great food, and delivered hot and on time”

Steven Oakley, 09/01/2021

“Hi just to let you know my kebab was all chicken rather than mixed but still good”

Chic Mcintosh, 02/01/2021

“Great service and excellent food. Far better service than competitors ”

Anne Duffy, 12/11/2020


Kieran Blackie, 22/10/2020

“Food ready on time. All meals hot and tasty.”

Elizabeth Brewster, 06/09/2020

“Bestest ever takeaway , yummy thankyou. x”

Linda Reilly, 23/07/2020

“Spot on xxx”

Steven Kerr, 23/07/2020

“Very dependable service and the food is great!”

Paul Mitchell, 27/05/2020

“Excellent as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 30/04/2020

“Excellent ”

Ann Maccrimmon, 28/04/2020

“Superb food ever one enjoyed definitely order again ”

Steven Rae, 28/04/2020

“Good food as always. Friendly delivery driver. ”

Linda Reilly, 26/04/2020

“Lovely pizza 😍👌💙”

Lorraine Smith-Morrison, 24/04/2020

“The fish and chips were as good as they looked and delivered in good time”

David Cassidy, 21/04/2020

“Well cooked hot food delivered to your door very quickly”

David Cassidy, 20/04/2020

“Brilliant meal would order again thank you ”

Mary Melvin, 20/04/2020

“Best, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 19/04/2020

“Excellent fish and chips. ”

Claire Mcintosh, 19/04/2020

“Amazing meat feast pizza, one of the best that I have ever had. Well done Thrums- superb once again!!”

Gillian Guthrie, 18/04/2020

“Excellent food”

Alison Lyall, 18/04/2020

“Excellent food friendly staff. ”

Karean Fletcher, 18/04/2020

“Great service”

Billy Shepherd, 13/04/2020

“Excellent, drink was forgotten last week but perfect this week. Brightened up the weekend! Thanks”

Sheila Bradley, 12/04/2020

“Best one yet and so fast! ”

Lee Thom, 12/04/2020

“Excellent fish supper and service ”

Alison Lyall, 11/04/2020

“Good food delivered quickly”

Sharon Bandeen, 11/04/2020

“As always, delivered in good time and food was hot and delicious.”

Rebecca Oakley, 11/04/2020

“Lockdown lifesavers, thank-you for great food and service!”

Paul Mitchell, 11/04/2020

“Great food, great service. Thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 30/03/2020

“Lovely, really hot ”

Lorraine Smith-Morrison, 29/03/2020

“Wonderful as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 17/03/2020

“Love this place. Great service, lovely people and amazingly courteous. Thank you for sorting out my issue last weekend, you were amazing how you handled it! ”

Fiona McCash, 10/03/2020

“Always the best food in kirrie”

Rebecca Reioch, 08/03/2020

“Fast and delicious as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 27/02/2020

“Excellent meal and service, as always. Thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 21/02/2020

“Was tasty and delivered on time when asked only thing I would say was it wasn’t hot ”

Martin Walker, 18/02/2020

“Excellent, as always. Thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 02/02/2020

“Everything was lovely. Prompt delivery.”

Fiona Hartley, 02/02/2020

“As always great x”

Ann Maccrimmon, 07/01/2020

“Good food but took 1 hour 20 mins from ordering to be delivered ”

Linzi Morgan, 30/12/2019

“As always, fast and fab. Thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 27/12/2019

“Great as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 08/12/2019

“Love our weekly takeaway treat from Thrums!”

Paul Mitchell, 28/11/2019

“Quick delivery and great food.”

Fiona Hartley, 25/11/2019

“Fast delivery great food”

Anthony Hartley, 17/11/2019

“Always delicious, thank-you.”

Paul Mitchell, 09/11/2019

“Super as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 31/10/2019

“Our weekly treat. Love the food and great service!”

Paul Mitchell, 21/10/2019

“Great food and superb service, many thanks!”

Paul Mitchell, 02/10/2019

“Delivered quick.lovely food.”

Carole Fletcher, 26/09/2019

“Great, as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 11/09/2019

“Very tasty hit the spot after a long day moving house ”

Carol Blyth, 10/08/2019

“Great meals, love the menu!”

Paul Mitchell, 07/08/2019

“Great food and service. As always, very happy, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 23/07/2019

“Good value and delicious ”

Lauren Lampen, 17/07/2019

“As always, fast and delicious, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 15/07/2019

“Brilliant, as always. Thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 20/06/2019

“Good ”

Mary Stewart, 17/06/2019

“Great food and quick delivery ”

Corrie Brown, 17/06/2019

“good service ”

Keir Collie, 17/06/2019

“Dad tried the special chicken kebab and liked how many options he got to chose from. Ie, salad and sauces. ”

Miss Sarah Mclaren, 14/06/2019

“Fast and delicious as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 07/06/2019

“Really good, fast delivery and still hot. ”

Miss Sarah Mclaren, 31/05/2019

“ready for collection and hot”

Linda Ellis, 27/05/2019

“As always, great food and service, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 13/05/2019

“Top Marks Again!”

Jenny Lilja, 01/05/2019

“Absolutely spot on! Tried a baked potato, and it was delish! Highly recommended ”

Jenny Lilja, 16/04/2019

“Great Food and Quick Delivery ”

William Graham, 13/04/2019

“As always, 5* all the way.”

Paul Mitchell, 11/04/2019

“Great all around, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 29/03/2019

“Excellent as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 25/03/2019

“ Great food, outstanding service. Win-win!”

Paul Mitchell, 11/03/2019

“Fast, friendly, good food - triple win, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 06/03/2019

“Fish itself was great but asked for crispy batter and it was chewy.”

Sheillorna Morton, 27/02/2019

“Great food, great service. Thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 17/02/2019

“Great food and quick delivery ”

Corrie Brown, 12/02/2019

“Excellent,good food delivered promptly!! ”

James Walker, 06/02/2019

“Great as always, thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 05/02/2019

“Good food, fast delivery ”

Callum Law, 03/02/2019

“Good ”

Mary Stewart, 01/02/2019

“My order was first class ”

Kenneth Melvin, 22/01/2019

“Another delicious meal - thank-you!”

Paul Mitchell, 21/01/2019

“Good quick service and delivery Very tasty fish and chips ”

Alyson Peers, 19/01/2019

“Perfect as always. Fast delivery and hot hot hot!”

Jenny Lilja, 10/01/2019

“As always - fast and delicious. Love the online ordering feature!”

Paul Mitchell, 09/10/2018

“Great choice ”

Fiona Retalic, 08/10/2018

“Great meal, easy to order online - will definitely be ordering again!”

Paul Mitchell, 04/10/2018

“Brilliant food as always 👌😀”

Iona Ferguson , 02/10/2018

“Top marks! Full of flavour, arrived quickly and smoking hot. Service with a smile 😊 ”

Jenny Lilja, 23/09/2018

“Fab food, great delivery service.”

Lawrence Morrison, 23/09/2018

“Food was delicious and great service ”

Andrena Paul, 22/09/2018

“Perfect, good quality.”

Diana May, 28/08/2018

“Quick service and delivery , great food ”

Andrena Paul, 25/08/2018


Jennifer Bruce, 24/08/2018

“always good good. great pizzas”

Hayley Campbell, 06/08/2018

“Exactly what we wanted. Highly recommended ”

Jenny Lilja, 12/07/2018

“Order arrived on time, food was hot and tasty as all could be, and the delivery driver was incredibly nice and friendly!”

Stefan Jelks, 12/07/2018

“Excellent service, food delivered quickly and still piping hot”

Morag McKay, 02/06/2018

“Great chip shop :)”

Andy Cairns, 16/05/2018

“Good fast delivery and the fish suppers were great”

Gerry Mcgrady, 08/04/2018

“Really quick delivery and the food was piping hot. Tasty pizza and the garlic mushrooms were divine! Thanks guys :) ”

Fiona Finlayson, 05/04/2018

“Brilliant as always”

Barbara Crichton, 04/03/2018

“Quick delivery, grateful thanks on a wintry and stormy night. Well done”

Patricia Stewart, 28/02/2018

“Absolutely superb always 👍”

Jenny Lilja, 22/02/2018

“Absolutely spot on! ”

Jenny Lilja, 29/01/2018

“Nowhere on order to indicate preference regarding Salt ”

Brenda Low, 21/01/2018

“Arrived early, food was hot and tasty ”

Lorraine Smith-Morrison , 09/01/2018

“Speedy delivery and tasty as always”

Jenny Lilja, 11/12/2017

“Superb! Fresh produce and fast service, top marks again 👍”

Jenny Lilja, 09/12/2017

“Excellent food and fast delivery. ”

Sean Baird, 29/11/2017

“Reasonable price, Foods good and good delivery service”

Jordan Glendinning, 17/10/2017

“Brilliant, delivered before the time advised of ”

Lorraine Smith-Morrison, 15/10/2017

“Tasty pizzas as usual”

Julia Findlater , 29/08/2017

“Fast efficient service and delivered straight to the door - amazing. Food was lovely especially the white pudding, it was great.”

Jean Elder, 15/08/2017

“Fantastic ”

Kathryn Lindsay, 14/08/2017

“Excellent still the best white pudding so far...”

David Lawrence, 07/07/2017

“Excellent service ”

Gail Robertson, 25/06/2017

“excellent food as always, delivered quickly with a smile !”

Maurven Watson, 24/06/2017

“Great food”

Gail Robertson, 17/06/2017

“Gid pizza quick delivery = happy chappy ”

, 30/04/2017

“Excellent - will be using online order again - loads of great food 😊”

Graham Hill, 14/04/2017


, 14/04/2017

“food was great, best takeaway in kirriemuir. Food is at a good price and I would definitely recommend this amazing takeaway. The staff are always so helpful. I would definitely recommend ”

Eoin , 27/02/2017

“I really enjoyed this. It was very tasty.”

Andrew, 23/02/2017

“sash is good”

hh, 21/02/2017

“Great Food”

Calum, 14/02/2017

“Great Food”

Calum, 14/02/2017

“Good service and food really fast delivery”

finlay, 11/02/2017

“Best food in town, Great service and great people! ”

Bob, 08/12/2016

“Good Food, Delivered Quickly.”

Andrew Lowther, 06/12/2016

“Food is great! ”

Tammy, 02/12/2016

“Delivered quickly. Amazing food. ”

Margaret, 29/11/2016

“Good food ”

suat Sungurtas, 25/11/2016